Cove Creek Outfitters 
This was a client project I created while working for Thrive.
Cove Creek needed a new look and a fresh website that was easier for them to update. Working with the team at Thrive, I started by creating a new logo for the family-run small business. Then we created a new e-commerce website design that focused on the lifestyle aspects of their brand. The site is robust with over 3000 products and I created a design that would be flexible to grow with them as they expanded. In addition to the logo and website re-design, I also created a few billboard designs to share their new look around town. 

The biggest challenge for this client was muddled communication. Most meetings involved both brothers and sometimes other family members were pulled in for their thoughts as well. As you can imagine, a group of family members all giving their opinions can get off-topic quickly. 
Logo Design
Early Explorations
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