Realty Exposition
I worked with San Diego Association of Realtor's in-house team to create arches, banners, pop-ups, posters, and directional signs for their upcoming SDAR Annual San Diego REALTORS® Expo in April 2015.

The in-house committee had already chosen a theme for the expo, "Your future is bright here in San Diego", but were unsure of how to continue from there. Together we decided to focus on the city itself and its iconic neighborhoods. We use street-signs, construction postings, and even floor decals that mimicked road markings to make the inside of the convention center feel more like the city outside. In addition to the general expo materials, I also created materials for SDAR's many sub-groups such as The Young Professionals and The REALTORS® Party.

Additional Projects
After the Expo I assisted the SDAR with projects on a regular basis. These projects ranged from simple brochures to van wraps. One of the larger projects was a 25ft wall mural that depicted the SDAR’s long history and major real estate factoids. This mural was designed to fit in the hallway of their main office building.
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