Topographic Land Surveyors
This was a client project I created while working for Thrive.
Working with the team at Thrive, we updated the client's site with a fresh look and feel. The client wanted to keep the design minimal with plenty of white space. In order to help balance that negative space, I created some subtle background patterns from the lines often found on a contour map. 

In addition to the website re-design, I also updated their trifold brochure and SOQ booklet to create a consistent look across their marketing materials. I also adapted both pieces to work for print and web, expanding their life and potential. 

The biggest challenge for this client was photography. The client wanted to find stock images that felt clean and environmentally friendly, while also representing very specific services. Working with the client over several weeks, we eventually built up a robust photo bank that could be used on all pieces. 
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