Robin McGraw - Revelation

For this project I was hired as a consultant to help with Robin McGraw's latest product line launch. Many of the elements had been made beforehand and I was called in to put them together. I laid out the home page, some secondary pages, social posts, and related PPC ads. There was very little creative freedom on this project and I was held to very high technical standards. My work was expected to match the rest of the team, pixel for pixel. 

Freelance Consultant for realty websites 

One of my long term clients was an agency that provided sites for real estate agents. My work varied from simple home page banners to full site designs depending on the client needs and budget. 

Holly Hickey Moore Interior Design

After we built out her brand, social media campaigns, and some simple print elements - my client wanted a website to round out her start-up. She had a small budget and a desire for a very simple CMS. We decided to use SquareSpace as the platform and built an image heavy site that she could easily update as her business grew. 
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